"Boswell has the right combination of vocal range, style and power. Her pipes are stronger than a Harley's..."
"Felicia Boswell...rips into those ballads with a ferocity that would daunt any Egyptian captor...she brings a nobility and fierce anger to the part that is tempered by femininity when love takes over. Boswell is mezzo magnificent."
"[Boswell has]...huge, skillful R & B voice that would put aspiring American Idols to shame." 
"In the titular role, Felicia Boswell is the stellar attraction of the show. She's a very sensitive, many faceted actress and sings song after song with nice variety and distinction."
-Loessin at Large
"Felicia Boswell was born to play the role of Felicia, Delray's sister who Huey Calhoun "discovers" and introduces to Memphis via his first radio gig.  Ms. Boswell discovers all of the vocal nuances and strengths of Felicia as she charms and hypnotizes us unmercifully from beginning to end...The gorgeous Felicia Boswell gives the quality of performance that we have come to expect from a well-seasoned actress at the top of her career and Ms. Boswell's career is just taking off..."
Reviews Highlights:
"It is hard not to like the charismatic singer Felicia Farrell (played by FELICIA BOSWELL). The character has a youthful speaking voice but a powerful singing 
instrument. When she speaks her soft demeanor draws in the audience and when she takes a breath to sing, we brace ourselves for the power she possesses.
 She can vocally handle the soft bouncy -Someday,- the bluesy -Colored Woman,- or the rocked-out opening number, -Underground,- with the grace and
emotion each one deserves. Her timing when turning from simple charm to sass to songstress to seductress is perfect, and is done with such ease that she is
 a true pleasure to watch on stage."
Seattle Gay News - Mobile Edition - Memphis comes home ...

"..the lovely BOSWELL could mesmerize with the resonance of her powerful and yet tender singing. She can also act. The sensitivity she brought to 
her more serious scenes made me feel the emotion and appreciate her subtleties of body language and tone. Boswell delivered well in every aspect 
of her."

"She (FELICIA BOSWELL) is such a gorgeous looking woman that when she first walks on stage she takes your breath away. Has an excellent 
sense of comedic timing and delivery, gains great laughs in many of her scenes. But then there’s that voice! Pure, sparkling liquid gold pours
 from this girl’s lungs when she sings. The songs written for this role can easily be over sung with those hideous Mariah Carey vocal riffs and 
runs you hear on American Idol or The Voice. Boswell instinctively knows where to add just the right amount of riffs & runs within her gospel
 or soul numbers. And when she does, she burns the house down with her superior soprano voice. She has so many great solos it is impossible to 
pick which one is my favorite because every number she does is a show stopper!"

"BOSWELL'S soaring voice has the power of the late Whitney Houston in her prime and the soul and sass of Billie Holiday. She's a wonderfully sad amalgamation 
of dreamer and angry realist, especially on the defiant "Colored Woman."

"FELICIA absolutely brings it. She sings from her toes – a powerful voice rises from that little body, and Felicia just belts it out. 
Pitch-perfect and passionate. What a pro – what a performer!"

"..I would be remiss in not mentioning the breathtaking performance by FELICIA BOSWELL in her eponymous role as Felicia. Boswell is the type of singer that 
sucks the air out of you every time she performs and one that can take a song to unexpected places. Possibly one of the best singers I have ever personally seen 
live, she brought an entirely different excitement to the show."

"What I do remember is the dynamic performance of FELICIA BOWELL. She is pure magic, bringing a spark to the stage every time she steps onto it. Once her 
character of Felicia is introduced, you will find yourself watching for her next appearance. Her tiny figure disguises a powerhouse voice that can fill any theatre, 
but what I enjoyed most about her singing are the quiet moments she has every now and then to sing with minimal music.. You can't teach stage presence, and 
she's got that flowin...g fr...om the tips of her fingers."

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